What Had Happened Was

Picture this.  There’s a really nice guy, a giver.  He likes beautiful things, he’s loving and kind, smiles a lot.  He has an extravagant estate and likes to have company over all the time so he can entertain them and make them happy.  One day, he creates a clay figure and gives him a grand home of his own.  When he creates a living space for the man, he tells him he has authority over everything that happens there.  He shows up every day to see how things are going and to talk about the fun the man had that day in discovering his new environment.

The only warning the man has is to stay true to His relationship with the one who created him.  In doing so, he can maintain his authority and not to bow to another.

One day, the male and his female companion encounter another creature in their home environment who begins to question them about their Creator.  This creature uses an approach they haven’t known before.  Doubt.

Through the avenue of doubt, a door opens allowing him to peddle a different way of looking at things.  He shows them the merchandise he has for sale by appealing to a lust for what the natural eye can see.  Advertising the sweetness of forbidden fruit, he makes their flesh lust for something they’ve never consumed before.  And with an appeal for personal power, he awakens the pride of life.  A scammer and an evil salesperson, this other creature convinces the female that he can give them more than the One who created them.

As soon as they comply, as soon as they allow themselves to be sold a bill of goods, they notice that the glory–the life force that emanated from them–suddenly went out.  They’ve suddenly lost a vital part of the way the creator made them, and added to that, they have forfeited their authority to the evil presence.  Instead of owners, they are now slaves.  In place of freedom, they now obey a lower force.  If they procreate, they cannot produce a human who has that higher life force that they once knew.  They can only produce humans restricted to a lower level of life.

Have you ever heard anyone quote that scripture “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God [Romans 3:23]?  When God made the man, He would come down at the end of the day to talk with the man.  The man would see this bright glory radiating from his Creator.  It wasn’t odd; it was normal.  God made man in His image, so the man and woman had a life force that radiated from them, too.  When the animals were brought before the man, they didn’t have that same presence, but when God made woman and brought her to the man, that’s what he saw and that’s how he knew she was his mate.  It wasn’t because she was 36-24-36 and knock-out gorgeous.  She had the beauty of pure life, light and love emanating from her.

But now there’s a dilemma.  They’ve lost open communication with the one who created them and a new mentality has taken over.  Its’ name is fear, and fear always puts up walls.

However, the Creator is not a quitter and does not stand idly by watching the persons he created and who rightfully belong to him go without rescue.  He loves them, but legalities stand in his way.  The Creator had given charge of the beautiful new homestead to the male and female.  They, in turn, gave their authority and possession over to another.  If the Creator steps in at this point and takes everything back from the scammer, he then becomes a thief himself—trapped into obeying a lesser force.  A force with no integrity, no love and who has the capacity for death.  If he resorts to underhanded methods, he loses his own freedom and all light goes out forever!

This is war!  Expert strategy is demanded here.  Blood will be shed if necessary to win back freedom of choice for the male and female—the right to leave the dark side and return to the light.  How can this be done?

Let’s examine the attributes of the two major players.  The Creator–good, a giver, full of life, peace and truth.  The scammer—a shady thief full of death, turmoil and lies.

Strategy of the Creator:  In order to regain control, the Creator must sacrifice his own self because he is the only being who is completely innocent and without fault.  But he cannot kill himself, or all creation would cease to be.  So, he has to place himself into a position where the scammer takes his life unjustly.  When the life of the innocent one takes place and the evidence is presented in the court of the universe, the scammer is found guilty and must release everything he has gotten by illegal means.  It was a great strategy that was executed and freedom of choice has been returned to all people at great cost.

It is now up to each person to choose life.  Or death.  This is the story of salvation.

God loves hard and there’s nothing you can do about His unchanging love.  Believe the Love!