The Devil Is Beating His Wife!

I was born in the South.  They have all kinds of strange and funny sayings in the South.  When I was a little girl, some days the sun would be shining brightly and then suddenly it would start to rain.  The first time I experienced this, an older kid said “The devil is beating his wife.”  My first reaction was to ask “How do you know that?”  And it was explained that the sun was shining brightly and suddenly it started to rain and that’s what that meant.  Oh.

Initially, I felt sorry for her—you know, the wife.  Then I wondered how he could be so mean.  After all, it was already hot where they lived and that was only making it worse.  As time went on, I remembered that saying and my thoughts shifted to, ”Who would be stupid enough to marry him?”

As we grow older and mature, we take in more information and learn more about the world around us.  Our thought processes develop, hopefully to the point where we don’t become victims of every scam that comes along.  However, the sun is shining brightly today and the rain starts in our lives seemingly from out of nowhere, but there’s always a cause.  I guarantee you somebody somewhere is being beaten by the devil.  We’ve gotten into a relationship with him or let him in through the back door, and he is beating our brains out in a hot situation—behind closed doors.

That whole scene may sound comical, but it’s true.  And it’s not limited to the typical domestic violence situation we hear so much about where a male (great physical strength) gets angry and takes his aggressions out on a vulnerable female (lesser physical strength).  It also happens when we as individuals give some part of our thoughts, behaviors, beliefs and decision making over to someone else.  We comply or submit to the ordinary rather than going on a journey to discover what else could be an option.

So many things have become ordinary that we believe that “everyone does it,” which makes us not feel so bad when we tell a white lie to get by.  Or practice drinking to forget a problem rather than dealing with it.  Or sleep around versus developing some relationship skills and respect for self and others.  Or give up on education and take the first available job, then remain the undeveloped person who secretly dreams about a better life.

Everyone does it, but guess what?  When you marry a lesser goal, the devil gets to beat his wife simply because that’s fun for him.

So, you tell the white lie and get away with it until the truth is discovered at some point in time, and payment comes, too.  The devil can now start beating his wife.  Drink to deal with life.  It will help make you feel comfortable and relaxed, but one day you’ll be in the wrong place at the right time, too relaxed to know that something beneficial has been offered to you.  The devil is beating his wife.  Sleep around under the belief that you’re not hurting anyone because it’s your body, until one day your own selfish pleasure backfires on you in some way.  The devil is beating his wife.  Remain fearful of learning a new skill, starting a business, developing a faith life, going to that seminar or getting that degree, but it will haunt you.  Years later when you NEED to be in a place of momentum, but you’re in a place of stagnation and you don’t have the finances you need or the contacts you need or the advanced know-how you need and you feel abandoned and without resources, guess what?  The devil is beating his wife.

There are consequences that go along with failure to decide in favor of yourself.  There are consequences to being double minded about what you want and need in life.  There are consequences to deciding that it’s too difficult to know God and to allow Him to help you.  Once we slide into certain behavioral patterns, we stick to them.  Sticking to something is like marriage, and marriage can be a comfort zone.  If your comfort zone is dictating what you’re married to, also examine if it’s beneficial for you, because the devil beats his wife!

God is handing out sweet truth, problem solving, answers, honor, and peace coming through relationship with Him.  Take the blessings, not the beating!