I Know Why You Do What You Do

Usually, we trust people who like us just the way we are without trying to change us.  They welcome us with open arms in the kind of way grandparents do.  It’s so much easier to spend time with someone like that.  Trust is a friendship factor.  When you find someone who is similar to you, loyalty grows and seems to come naturally.  You can support that friend in whatever they decide to do even if it means they have to move far away in order to achieve their goals.

They say that true friends can be separated for long periods of time, meet again and pick up right where they left off as if they’d never been separated at all.  That’s connectedness of the soul.  Connectedness is a friendship factor.  And when you start speaking and your friend finishes your sentence with exactly what you were going to say, that connection shows itself again.

We also like to think that friends are non-judgmental, and that’s true.  However, a true friend is often the only one who can get away with saying “That was dumb, Captain Crazy!” and still be a friend.  I mean, you can have a knock-down-drag-out fight with your best friend, then get a call the next day asking “What are we doing today?” and you make plans.

It’s comfortable to be with that person.  It’s fun, non-threatening.  You look forward to times together even when you know what they’re going to do next or how they’ll react to certain things.  You have someone who has spent time with you because they chose to.  They know you.  They think of you when they see something in a store that reminds them of you and they know you would love it.

If you had a “friend” who was ashamed to be seen with you in public, they wouldn’t be a friend long, would they?  You would feel that you didn’t measure up.  Others can be late meeting to go to the party and you’ll leave them, laughing that you taught them a lesson.  But if your best friend is late meeting up, you wait because there’s no real point in going without them.  It doesn’t even make sense.

This is one of the primary reasons why some of us don’t like going to events alone.  Many don’t like going into a huge meeting alone.  It’s because no one knows us.  That right-hand support person is not there to bounce thoughts off, to pick up on the things you usually miss.  You walk into an unfamiliar place and you feel like the invisible person.

A friend is a person who has spent time listening.  They care.  They know you.  In essence, your friend knows why you do what you do.  Even if what you’ve done is a little “off center,” they approach you with a sense of understanding.  They understand why you do what you do and may be the only one who can talk to you.  Talk you down off the ledge.  Make you feel like you’re capable of dealing with life in a better way.  They can remind you of who you are–your true self–so that you can get back on track.  That’s real love—no greeting card needed.

That’s how God loves us.  He’s trustworthy.  Loyal.  Supportive.  Fun.  Easy to be around.  Full of good ideas.  Non-judgmental.  Connected.  A great listener.  And did I say loyal?

He knows why you do what you do, and guess what?  He keeps on loving you.  He waits patiently for us to accept His friendship in return.  Who wouldn’t want a genius with a great sense of humor and loyalty as a friend?  He’s waiting for you with open arms.  Been waiting.  Let Him embrace you.  He can be trusted.


photo credit: Rod Waddington <a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/64607715@N05/35716550336″>Best Friends</a> via <a href=”http://photopin.com”>photopin</a> <a href=”https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/”>(license)</a>