Bull Dog Overflow Faith!!!

Have you ever had an opportunity to be part of a wildly remarkable testimony that you would find hard to believe if you hadn’t participated in it?

Years ago, I was a Cell Group Leader at my church, and the administration decided that all Group Leaders should go through a retraining.  So all Group meetings were suspended for a few weeks in order for the Leaders to complete the retraining.

It was amazing how devoted the volunteers are at our church because every week, those cars would flood into the parking lot and the group leaders hurried from their cars into the sanctuary for the sessions.  They wanted to be on time.  At the time, I was an Executive Assistant at a foster care agency in the same city as the church, and when we had Board meetings, I had to stay longer and take the minutes of the meetings, which put me in danger of being late for the Cell Group training meetings.

At the agency, I was responsible for ordering the food for the Board meetings, and of course I would order from the gourmet places.  If you want someone to order regular sandwiches, you have to get someone else because that’s not what I do.  That’s not who I am (LOL).  I ordered the best!

So on that Board meeting night, I was using my faith believing that God would get me to the training on time.  I had to believe God that the Board meeting would be short enough for me to drive and still be on time.  The meeting ended, and instead of leaving quickly, I helped clean up.  Usually, I would take some leftover food home, but I knew the food would quickly ruin in the back of my SUV in the hot summer sun.  It absolutely DID NOT MAKE SENSE for me to take food that night.

I’m a logic based person, but for some reason, I kept packing food to take with me.  I kept trying to rationalize with myself, but I did not win.

I pulled into the church parking lot with time to spare.  People were filing in, parking and hurrying inside.  Instead of going inside, for some reason I waited by my truck.  A car rolled up, parked and about 4 young women got out.  I’m not one to call out to people, but for some reason I said to them, “Hey, are you guys hungry?”  (I did not ask any of the others who had parked and gone inside.)  The one girl said no; the second said no; the third one pointed to the fourth young lady and said “We wanted to get to the training on time, but we came direct from work because we wanted to be obedient.  We wanted to be on time, but ‘she’ believed God for food all the way here even though WE REFUSED TO STOP ON THE WAY.  She would not stop believing.”

I waved her over and she had an SUV full of gourmet food to choose from—entrée, side dish, plastic ware, napkins, desert and something to drink.

Every time I think about this testimony, I get moved by it because—and I don’t mean any disrespect to this young lady when I say she prayed a RIDICULOUS PRAYER in spite of the fact that she and her companions had agreed not to stop anywhere because being on time was their priority.  This clearly meant there was no way she was getting food at the church because the church wasn’t serving food.  But because of her BULLDOG FAITH, God poured out a BOUNTIFUL GOURMET MEAL in the back of my SUV.  He prepared a table before that young lady in the midst of impossibilities so that she could select what she wanted, and He made sure it was gourmet on top of all that!!!

Oh, that makes me double check my faith today when I remember that event.  It makes me think about the scripture that says “Without faith, it is impossible to please God.”  We can all build our faith up to that point (or build it back up) when we focus on His Word and His love for us.  It’s necessary to be able to receive from God on that level today.  It’s necessary to learn how to receive without any outwardly visible signs.  Are you building your faith?

By the way, I threw the remaining food out when I got home because ALL OF THAT was for her!